1. Angela Lansbury & Ensemble - It’s Today (from “Mame”)

    This is just PERFECT. Musical HEAVEN
    I will never get enough of this. Angela singing Jerry Herman’s score and… AGH! Too much

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  2. What we talk about when we talk about Sterek


    [Note: I wrote and posted this a little over the week ago, right in the midst of the fan art at the Paris con kerfluffle. Now that things seem to have simmered down a bit, I thought I’d share it again, with some minor updates/edits.]

    What we talk about when we talk about Sterek: Teen Wolf & Capitalism.

    It’s been rough recently in the Teen Wolf fandom, especially for Sterek shippers. Here’s some lengthy, academic-y thoughts. Please note that while this post is somewhat critical of both the show and the fandom, this is in absolutely no conceivable way a hate post. Just the opposite in fact. My goal is try and get us to think more critically about the show and our role as fans, not to antagonize or attack.

    I care about this fandom, and I care about this show. I’m concerned about the increasingly tense and negative relationship between the show and the Sterek fandom. Sterek fans are frustrated, angry even, for a variety of reasons. That frustration has led to a lot of toxicity, and a lot of assumptions and blame being thrown around, and this is my attempt to maybe intervene a little bit in these multivocal, complex, and intense conversations in what I hope is a coherent and accessible way, drawing on my academic background, to hopefully give us a more productive and meaningful way to explore these frustrations, and to maybe start to repair the relationship between the Sterek fandom and the show.

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  3. Angela Lansbury is “Thoroughly Modern Millie” - 1968
    God, I love her

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  5. Patti LuPone, When the Sun Comes Out

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    how does 6 seconds have such a drastic plot twist

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  8. I dreamt of a Sterek sex scene. OMG, I can see the future!

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    'Indomptable' - model: Anna Selezneva - photographer: Giampaolo Sgura - fashion editor: Géraldine Saglio - hair: James Rowe - make-up: Christelle Cocquet - Vogue Paris March 2013

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    Le Irreplaceable

    George Barbier, Le Soir (1924) / Irreplaceable, Beyonce

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    I can admire a female body without being sexually attracted to it. A man can admire a male body without being sexually attracted to it. When will people get this?

    when males stop being hypersensitive about their sexuality.


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